revolutionizing the way young women are valued in our world.

  • Elizabeth Trabert Piper
    Elizabeth Trabert Piper

    Elizabeth Trabert Piper is a Speaker, Writer, and Life Coach. She graduated from Loyola University of Maryland in 2012 with her Bachelor’s in Communications. After graduation, Elizabeth moved to Bangkok, Thailand and worked as an Assistant Lecturer at Assumption University while traveling through Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. When Elizabeth returned to the U.S. she created the prettygirl revolution LLC to invite young women to define for themselves what makes a person beautiful and valuable in our world. After losing her mother tragically at the age of 22, Elizabeth is most passionate in speaking about resilience and overcoming trauma and hardship.

    Elizabeth has been featured in Girls’ Life Magazine, on the local Baltimore Fox and ABC News channels, and interviewed on The Lively Show Podcast. Elizabeth currently lives in Baltimore and spends most of her time practicing yoga, going for soul strolls, jumping on her trampoline, watching Gilmore Girls, and writing her first memoir about the relationship she shared with her late mother who battled addiction and mental illness.

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